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The Coosal’s name has been an active ingredient in quality construction products and services in Trinidad & Tobago for over 70 years.

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What currently exists as a group of companies started off as a relatively small determined supplier of high quality quarry products, trading as Coosal’s Quarry & Transport.

About Coosal’s

Subsequent to very unfortunate circumstances in the 80s, in 1991 the birth of a new entity was realized. Sieunarine Coosal was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Coosal’s Construction Company Limited 

The Coosal’s Group of Companies has established a noteworthy position in the Industry, with a comprehensive array of products and services.  The Group is able to satisfy major infrastructural development projects throughout the country.  The Brand stands firm on excellence and employees are held to that standard.

Coosal’s Group of Companies

The ABCs of Construction:  Asphalt, Blocks, Concrete are an integral part of this operation with respective plants properly positioned throughout the country.

Asphalt, Block and Concrete Plants are located at the nearby Coosals Avenue along with our Sales Office, Fleet Operations, Stores Department, Garaging Department, Service Bay Area, Paint Shop and Laboratory Facilities, Machine Shop and Main Stores.

As part of standard industry practice, several physical testing are conducted on Asphalt / Concrete / Blocks and Aggregate throughout the processes at Coosal’s in-house laboratory facilities.

Engineering Services

The Asphalt Production operations are carried out on site in Madras Settlement, Chin Chin, which is situated approximately a mile from Piarco International Airport.

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Concrete Block Operations

The also newly commissioned block plant forms part of our attempt to diversify outward from our traditional core competencies and gain a stronger corporate footing within the industry.

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Ready-Mixed Concrete

Coosal’s Concrete Limited now has 5 strategically located batch plants throughout Trinidad allowing for the most efficient delivery of the highest quality concrete to customers.

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Sand and Gravel Operations

Our Tapana Valencia quarry in itself forms the core of our sand and gravel operations. Tapana, Valencia, is fitted with a large gravel processing plant which has a capacity to produce in excess of three thousand five Hundred (3,500) metric tonnes of processed material daily.

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Limestone Quarry Operations

Coosal’s owns and operates its own blue-limestone quarry located in the Maracas Valley in the Northern Range. The main quarry is situated close to the old Spanish capital city of St. Joseph.

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Fleet Operations

Our fully functional quarry and transport garages are well equipped and capable of servicing all fleet vehicles and performing repairs and maintenance works on any of the plants should they require it.

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The ability to innovate, embrace new technologies, change perspectives and hold fast to the formula for success cultivated, make Coosal’s a tough competitor in the Construction Industry.

Through technical collaboration and proven track record of proper execution of infrastructural projects, the Group’s commitment to the growth and development of the country is unwavering.  

It is one testament to our commitment to high quality and hard work at Coosal’s. The bedrock of our business is a family unit. We pride ourselves in working with people we love and by extension our employees are family as well. 

Cumulatively over the decades, Coosal’s employed over 60,000 persons.

Several strategies are engaged to minimize our carbon footprint; keep wastage to a minimum and proper treatment of waste disposal.

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In all areas of business, we focus intently on quality delivered with friendly and reliable service. We believe in building lasting mutually beneficial relationships by maximizing customer satisfaction and promoting both open internal and external communications.