Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate Trinidad and Tobago has an excellent opportunity to provide a better way of living for families, but also to contribute in some measure to the development of Trinidad and Tobago”

While it will be ideal to contribute to the needs of every case presented, unfortunately the existing resources currently do not allow for this to be achieved.  Over the years, the Group was able to assist numerous parties and partnered with major entities in their efforts to assist the underprivileged.

Coosal’s continue to partner with their fence-line community and by extension, has facilitated ventures geared to assist in the development of the social fabric.  

Assistance was rendered to several projects undertaken by various learning institutions and several schools received sponsorship for varying ventures – the supply of ready- mixed concrete, concrete blocks and the paving of school yards, etc.

As part of the “Pan in the Classroom” initiative, a steelpan ensemble was gifted by the Ministry to the Madras Government Primary School.  This initiative allows another avenue to the school children for their holistic development, their musical talent and equally important to integrate culture.  To suitably accommodate the relative classes, Coosal’s provided material in the construction of the music room.

During the festive season, our Management Team attends fence-line schools Christmas treats and their sporting events.  A hands-on policy is adopted with these institutions whilst we may not be able to attend every function, attendances is maintained at many sporting events, family day outings; walks for awareness and actively participates whenever possible.  It is reflective this action will hopefully convey to the children the importance of exercising their responsibility as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

There is a feeling of great contentment when you help those in need and oftentimes, it may not always be monetary assistance.  There are also many institutions who, due to financial constraints, are unable to access funding from Government.  Coosal’s makes every effort to help alleviate the distress in some circumstances with providing support to institutions as the Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago, Salvation Army, Down Syndrome Family Network; National Centre for Persons with Disabilities; WAND; Olive House, to name a few.

One initiative considered dear to his heart is the Habitat movement under the umbrella of Habitat for Humanity, established in Trinidad and Tobago in 1997.  Their mandate was to assist with the provision of decent shelter to citizens who are challenged with limited resources.  

Habitat’s model as stated, “to assist the most vulnerable members of our society, focusing on the impact of safe, decent, affordable shelter on building strength, stability and self-reliance in our communities”.  His belief is that affordable and safe housing is the impetus to alleviate the stain of poverty as a great percentage of our population live in substandard accommodation.

Many in society are challenged by the premise affordable housing is remote and do not have the qualifying income or, are unable to satisfy the criteria to acquire suitable financing from commercial lending institutions to, not only construct a home but complete urgent remedial works to their existing homes. Sadly, a number of elder persons fall in this category.

He currently holds Chairmanship of the Capital Campaign Cabinet which is the fundraising arm of the Mission.  By generating funding for this Mission, you are able to positively impact exposed members of society throughout the Country.

In addition, the Organization also provides training in financial management, technical and life skills, housing initiatives and disaster risk reduction programmes. 

Salvation Army, an internationally recognized Organization which assisted and continues to assist many, has also allowed Coosal’s to become a contributor.  The myriad of individuals who have benefitted is immeasurable.  It is indeed a shared joy to interface with both young and old, enjoy the pure camaraderie during the Kettle Drive during the Christmas Season and countless other projects.

These feats are accomplished where a myriad of cultures, social beliefs, political affiliations come together to assist persons in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

Another humbling situation countless citizens are faced with annually is the effects of flooding. The Coosal Group has provided heavy equipment for clearing of drains and landslides and hampers to the affected families on countless occasions – more recently the devastating floods experienced in its own hometown as thousands of homes were completely inundated with water and debris.

In addition to the provision of basic foodstuff and use of heavy equipment in cleaning efforts, a free medical clinic was held to bring some measure of relief to the residents of Madras and surrounding areas.

Over the years, complimentary road repair and clean-up exercises are completed throughout the country.

Below are a few noteworthy Organizations we partner with:

  • Angostura Limited
  • Acono Village Council
  • Arima Borough Corporation-Donation for Children’s Christmas Party
  • Bridge of Hope
  • Christmas Treat – Senior Citizens Acono, Maracas
  • Dattatreya Yoga Centre
  • Down Syndrome Family Network
  • Engineering Institute, UWI for Faculty of Engineering
  • Express Annual Children’s Fund Dinner and Dance
  • Habitat for Humanity Trinidad and Tobago
  • Hillview College
  • International School of Port of Spain
  • Madras Government ECCE Centre
  • Madras Government Primary School
  • Madras Road and Environs Flood Relief
  • Maracas Presbyterian School
  • National Centre for Persons with Disabilities
  • Olive House
  • Rotary Club of Maracas St. Joseph
  • St. Augustine Girls’ High School
  • St. Mary’s Children’s Home
  • The Lakshmi Narayan Temple
  • The Salvation Army
  • The UWI Endowment Fund
  • Todd’s Road Hindu Temple
  • Todd’s Road R. C. School
  • WAND Foundation