The company, since its early days and even till today, is family owned and operated. In light of such, it has always been easy to maintain open lines of communication and enrich harmonious working relationships amongst all employees. The Board of Directors is comprised of six highly experienced members who through the past have operated with the foresight and alacrity needed to bring the company to its present state of success.

Our policies are generated around a bounding respect for all stakeholders and appreciation for their input. Our core differentiation strategies focus on exceptionally high quality, customer responsiveness and satisfaction, and workforce empowerment. A sound mixture of those three principles has established us as a dominant player in the block, readymixed concrete, and asphalt paving markets.

Our very nature now prods us to seek newer and more innovative ways to tighten our thus far active integration strategy and further capitalize on our core competencies and resources. We look forward to becoming a driving force of the entire construction industry not only within Trinidad and Tobago, but throughout the Caribbean region.


  • I. QUALITY:It is the Policy of the Coosal’s Group of Companies to maintain our reputation for excellence in the quality of the products and services that we provide to our customers, by ensuring that it exceeds their requirements and expectations.

    To achieve this, the management of the Coosal’s Group of Companies is committed to developing and maintaining and continually, improving its Quality Management System to conform to ISO 9001:2000 and all relevant statutory requirements

    At Coosal’s everyone is responsible for quality and for implementing the requirements of our Quality Management System.

  • II. HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY STATEMENTThe company has a strong commitment to ensuring the highest health and safety conditions for all employees, together with the moral and legal responsibilities of an effective accident prevention and environmental protection program. The program and policies described herein are backed by the management, and administered, facilitated and monitored by the appropriate officers responsible for the respective duties. The company’s program emphasizes the following:
    • Continuous review and updating of safety procedures.
    • Comprehensive safety training for supervisors, foremen and employees.
    • Requirements for ‘tool box’ meetings with laborers and management.
    • Provision of proper ‘first aid’ facilities and competent medical care.
    • Establishment of general safety and fire prevention/protection plans.
    • Close coordination with insurance carriers on claims investigations.
    • Inspection and monitoring of the project and advising management of trends or problems.
    • Control procedures regarding health hazards and toxic materials.
    • Compliance with government rules and regulations.
    • Environmental protection measures to prevent or mitigate the impact of any site operation including contaminations, spillages or disposal of waste that may adversely affect the environment.

    The Group is committed to ensuring the highest standard of health and safety performance and environmental compliance. To this end we have sought and obtained for all our facilities the relevant statutory compliance certificates inclusive of Mining Licences, Water Pollution certificates and CEC’s.

    We are committed to conducting all our operations in a responsible manner with due regard for the communities and environment within which we work.