“Live with Passion while Pushing Boundaries”

 Very early in life, Sieunarine Coosal was presented with the opportunity to earnestly pursue his dreams.  An aspiring businessman – energetic and highly motivated, he works tirelessly as Executive Chairman of the Coosal’s Group of Companies and still contributes significantly to the Construction industry.

His drive to succeed was as a direct result of his very humble beginnings, early exposure to unyielding adversity in his career and many teaching moments.  The culmination of these propelled him to be a dynamic and successful businessman with a primary focus not only to assist employees by affording them an opportunity to provide a better way of living for their families, but also to contribute in some measure to the development of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Coosal's Corporate Responsibility

 His primary motivating factor – assuredly his greatest joy and ultimate success, is the ability to provide employment to thousands of persons who bring a wide array of skill set to his operation. 

Without the benefit of tertiary education – neither professional, management nor technical training, Sieunarine was able to lead his team to always strive for excellence. Today he sits at the helm of Coosal’s, one of the leading Construction Companies in Trinidad and Tobago with the acquisition of a limestone quarry.  

Sieunarine Coosal along with an impressive cadre of professionals who boast extensive knowledge and experience, champions teamwork for further development, diversification and growth of the Coosal’s Group of Companies.  Continuous training and motivation are integral to the success of any business.  The industry standard for all projects – dictates a collaboration across a myriad of disciplines, ideas, opinions and personalities for a well-rounded employee.

It is equally critical to efficiently and effectively hone the required skill sets for strategic planning and more importantly, succession planning.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is unequivocal; the most valuable asset of any business is its human capital.  

Over forty-five years ago, Sieunarine – under the stewardship of his eldest brother Ajodha, fondly referred to as “Joe” – embarked on a career which started with his very first portfolio of “Office Boy” and shortly thereafter assumed responsibility for administration and finance.  As he progressed, his eldest brother observed in Sieunarine the passion and drive to succeed.  Joe wholeheartedly mentored and, consequently moulded him to becoming the successor to Coosal’s.  Joe’s guardianship was the impetus for his service to the Construction Industry which remain to date.  His journey is ever evolving and unfolding.

 Without the benefit of tertiary education – neither professional, management nor technical training, Sieunarine was able to lead his team to always strive for excellence which produced one of the leading Construction Companies in Trinidad and Tobago and to date has carved a well-known brand – Coosal’s”

 Sieunarine’s mother, Basso Persad – a strong and exceptional woman – equally played an integral role in his life. She was very instrumental to his achievements today.  She had the tenacity and forbearance to singlehandedly raise 14 children and concreted the foundation of the journey of his life where he blossomed under her sound parenting.

Sieunarine believes social and economic conditions at birth do not dictate or determine your future.

Sieunarine’s insatiable and burning ambition to thrive successfully steered the Group to further development, diversification and growth with an extensive and impressive degree of practical knowledge and experience which underpinned his life.  He has garnered a very intimate knowledge of business operations inclusive of technicalities of a myriad of equipment, their processes, and materials used for specialized projects.  He is a firm believer that learning one’s trade from the ground up affirms the successful completion of any project.

One of the highlights of his professional career is his induction into the Business Hall of Fame by the revered Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  To be recognized by his peers for business excellence – in commercial prowess, leadership and in national social responsibility; to be an example that adversity in any form is but a force to overcome by all means possible and to be able to share his knowledge and experience, make the receipt of this award quite a humble achievement.

The Chamber recognized Sieunarine for his contribution as a pioneer, astute strategist, philanthropist and role model for emerging business professionals.