Fleet Operations

leader in innovative construction services

COOSAL’S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED (CCCL) has played an active part in the success of numerous projects throughout Trinidad & Tobago within the private and public construction sector. The key to this success has not just been due to our reliable services with excellent customer satisfaction or the mutually beneficial relationships we have built with our Clients over the years, but rather our continued exceptional management and handling of our resources. As such, we can offer several solutions in meeting our Client’s requirements for logistics.


Coosal’s are owners to a wide-ranging fleet of heavy construction and haulage equipment that are geared towards any and all project requirements, whether it be for construction or trucking. The distinction reflects the differences for use or transport of equipment, commodities (aggregates) and palletized materials. Additionally, with our variety of haulage trucks and trailers, we can match the correct type of transportation for your hauling needs. This extensive repertoire of equipment is operated by experienced drivers who are the finest around when it comes to delivering safely and on-schedule.  Our equipment is well maintained by experience personnel using the latest technology.

We are committed to delivering our services and with the aid of our experienced staff, Coosal’s pledges to assist our Clients in delivery scheduling, cost estimating, load planning and route optimization to the target destination.